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Zune versus Apple

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Recently Nohemi and I got ourselves some new gadgets. I got myself a Zune HD and Nohemi got an iPhone.

Let me start off with the reason for getting a media player to begin with – I’m a geek and like my gadgets; now that that’s out of the way we can move on. The G1 offers media playback after a few slide, scroll and taps you can get some music going with a hideous interface and lack of function, this is definitely something Google has continued to overlook on Android. Not to mention HTC made a piss-poor decision by putting a miniUSB port and no 3.5mm headphone jack. No one likes 12 foot of headphone cable. Also, G1’s battery life is garbage especially with media playback. I was definitely sceptical after the 30gb Zune I bought that was trash from the day I bought it. Before my purchase I was a little torn between the iPod Touch and the Zune HD, Best Buy didn’t have the two available to compare side to side so I went out on a limb and went with Microsoft; hopefully there wouldn’t let me down.. again. They did the complete opposite of that, Zune offers an incredibly awesome interface with an awesome processor. Everything is so smooth, the downside? The app store has 6 apps, not the biggest deal my Android phone has plenty of applications. Microsoft is standing strong on the fact that the Zune is meant to be a media player, and it’s definitely superior to the iPod. The OLED screen of the Zune offers deep blacks versus the iPod’s LCD with gives grays instead of solid blacks. Overall navigation is easier including the recently added and Quickplay.

My biggest gripe about the iPhone is the ridiculously clunky garbage software that needs to be used, iTunes. I have very little experience with the Zune software and iTunes. Within 5 minutes I totally had the hang of the Zune software and was dragging/dropping media with no hickups. iTunes? I spent a few hours previously trying to get this nonsense to work with Nathan’s iPod Touch with little success, I THEN spent another few hours trying to get the same garbage software to work with Nohemi’s iPhone. It is THE reason I wouldn’t get an iPhone. It’s cool and all and apparently thousands of people have been able to deal with the nonsense software that’s included.

Written by Matt Awesome

November 4, 2009 at 6:19 pm

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