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Social networking or Anti-Social Networking

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With the absolutely ridiculous amounts of social networking websites out there how much socializing is really going on? Long before this Web 2.0 came about there were but only a few places that offered similar services but was it better that way? Is everyone so connected that posting what you’re doing, how you’re feeling or what you’re listening to live on MySpace, Facebook, Last.FM, or Twitter?

I am a total believer in advanced technology and ready many blogs on new tech and software releases and I can say that I’m definitely not ‘connected’, not because I can’t but I know that the people I know have better things to do besides staying up on my newest favorite song or my day at work. Maybe I’m just not interesting enough? There’s 3.3 billion people in the world and I doubt that any one of us is really that interested in this.

BUT – if you’re seeking that attention from those close to you or the other people that have too much time on their hands in cyberspace be sure you sign up for EVERY one of these websites, if you haven’t already. I mean for God’s sake – stay connected… someone will probably click on to your profile or page at some point and be slightly interested for at least 12 seconds.. maybe.

With all these services available for free how much time could possibly be spent not on a computer or smartphone?

“Sorry I’m running late… just updating my Facebook and Twitter…”

There is some hypocrisy here.. I know this.. I do host my blog on WordPress BUT this is for me, not intended to satisfy an audience of any sort.

Written by Matt Awesome

May 17, 2009 at 3:50 am

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