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Worst Ever

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    - Idiocracy
    - Harsh Times
    - A History of Violence
    - National Treasure
    - Red Eye
    - Miami Vice
    - Hostel, Part I
    - 5th Element
    - Assault on Precinct 13
    - Four Brothers
    - Natural Born Killers
    - Show Girls
    - Rocky Balboa
    - The Boondock Saints
    - Eagle Eye
    - Next
    - House of Wax
    - Employee of the Month
    - Havoc
    - The Day The Earth Stood Still
    - After Earth
    - Cyrus


    - that.. Don’t use their turn signals when changing lanes or entering a driveway
    - that.. Send in warranty cards.
    - that.. Let their kids go ape shit in public
    - that.. Don’t look behind them when backing out of a parking spaces
    - that.. Are obnoxious drunks
    - that.. Let their dogs poop on the sidewalk
    - Ryan Seacrest
    - Nicholas Cage
    - Paris Hilton
    - Jessica Simpson
    - Dane Cook
    - Tyra Banks


    - Ketchup, Hollywood CA
    - Denny’s
    - McDonald’s
    - Chili’s
    - Dave & Busters
    - Rubio’s Mexican Grill
    - BJ’s Brewery, Monrovia CA


    - 3OH!3: Don’t Trust Me
    - Owl City: Fireflies
    - Beyonce: Single Ladies
    - King Missile: Detachable Penis Song
    - Katie Perry: I Kissed a Girl
    - New Boyz: You’re a Jerk
    - David “The Hoff” Hasselhoff: Jump In My Car

Written by Matt Awesome

October 2, 2008 at 10:31 am

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